a 56 seconds graphic visualization for an interview with the soccer player shlomo arbeitman.

A video commercial done by asaf elazary and irena gimpelevich, done in an advertising course at Bezalel academy.

Based on real answers from interviews with people who are not vegetarians.
The character shown in the film is an actor.

special thanks to aran for his part in the film.

100 words about the autoimmune disease lupus.

Betzalel 4th Year Final Project - Grafic Package for a Television Program.
Stoogudsh is a made-up television show addressing musicians and percussionists, lovers of rythem and music of all kinds, and for anyone who thinks that percussion means nothing but banging away on a drumset.

Project Content: a 50 second intro for the show + a clip from the show with an information strip.

Concept: like the instruments accompanying the intro without any distinct melody, the grafic package is also somewhat abstract, blending with the tone of the show and using elements from different cultures such as textures, symbols and various shapes.

A big thank-you to the amazing Yam Barak for sound.

a surf application for iped based on wikipedia. made with yosef bezalel.

a video clip for the "cousins" oriental music band.

motion logo for agricam. made with the cooperation of "maytal amir design studio"

an animation for the "hundred days of transparency" project

Animation for Independence Day for the Labor Party

motion design for the labor party logo

Asaf Elazary

Artist & Graphic Designer


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